Did Sia’s Stock Split? 

Did Sia’s Stock Split?


SiaCoin Price Analysis: SIA price surged higher against the US Dollar and Bitcoin. The SIA/BTC pair climbed sharply and tested the 0.00005000BTC level before correcting lower towards $0.00002200BTC. The current market sentiment remains bullish as there has been no negative development in the project over the past few days. Its fundamentals are vital to boost its price further in the near term if it can break significant resistance at $0.000410BTC in the coming sessions.

STEP#1: What is a stock split?


A stock split is when a company splits its shares into multiple smaller pieces. Sometimes, a stock split can also be a way for a company to raise money.
For example, let’s say that Company XYZ has 100 shares of stock outstanding, each worth $100. If they do a 2-for-1 stock split, they would have 200 shares of stock outstanding, with each share worth $50 instead. When this happens, the market capitalization stays the same (total value of all outstanding shares). The only difference is that there are now twice as many available shares on the market.

STEP#2: Why does this happen sometimes?


There are a few reasons why stocks may split. One reason is that the company wants to make the store more affordable to more investors. This can happen when a company’s stock price gets too high and becomes unaffordable for some investors. Another reason is that a stock split can help increase liquidity, which means more buyers and sellers are in the market, and it becomes easier to trade the stock. Lastly, a stock split can signal investors that the company is doing well and growing.

STEP#3: What happens to the share price when there is a split?


The share price is typically reduced when a company undergoes a stock split. This is because each shareholder now owns more shares, but each share is worth less. The company’s total market value affordable or to encourage more trading activity. Companies will also split their stocks when they need more cash for other purposes such as acquisitions or growth opportunities.
A stock split generally increases liquidity and reduces volatility because there are a more significant number of shares being traded. It also reduces the time required to purchase or sell holdings in that company’s securities by spreading the trade over a more significant number of transactions, thus reducing commissions payable on those trades.

STEP#4: How can I make money from this event?


Sia’s stock split is an excellent opportunity to make money. By buying shares before the split, you will be able to sell them at a higher price after the split. This is because when a company splits its stock, the value of each share decreases, but the total number of outstanding shares increases. This means that more shares are available to be bought and sold, which drives up the price. So, if you buy shares before the split, you can sell them after the split for a profit. For example, let’s say your investment was $100 worth of shares before the split. When the company splits its stock, it becomes 100 shares with a market value of $50 per share. You would then be able to sell those 100 shares for $500 after the split! The best time to invest ahead of this event is right now (right now).





STEP#5: Could I have avoided this situation by investing differently?

If you invested in SiaCoin (SC) on May 1, 2018, when it was trading at an all-time high of $96.38, you might feel pretty good about your investment right now. After all, the price of SC has skyrocketed over the past few months and is currently trading at around $4.50. But some factors can cause a stock to drop even after periods of growth or stability. The primary reason for this drop may have been the company’s bad publicity.
• On June 27, 2018, research firm Red Pulse announced they had filed a lawsuit against Sia’s CEO David Vorick because he falsely accused them of stealing user data in an online blog post published on June 26.

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